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Cougar women’s tops are the canvas to showcase flare and confidence. Tops are the ladies' first preference for every casual day out or for a professional setting to look unique and up-to-date. These Tops for Women are trending nowadays and making them the favorite pick for everyone. This blog will explore the 5 different yet famous types of women’s tops.


5 Famous Styles of Women’s Tops

Thinking about having some preppy looks? Choose Cougar. We have a variety of women’s tops available in-store and online. These are boat neck, tie-front, collared, embroidered, peplum, frock style, fusion, checkered, and solid tops. You can have endless styling possibilities with these tops as you can choose according to your mood, event or style. We have the vibrant and youthful variety of tops, you have yearning for. Let’s dive into our latest collection of tops and discover the ways you can rock your looks with these stand-out pieces.

Tie-Front Tops

You can opt for casual looks with the tie-front crop tops. They can be paired with boyfriend jeans for a laid-back vibe. You can make different layering options to add versatility to your outfit such as you can layer it over maxi dresses or simply a solid color t-shirt to complete your look. For adding a playful or youthful look, you can pair it with sneakers and jewellery to make a statement. These women’s tops are the best for your weekend looks or when you want to hang out with your friends.

Tie Front Crop Tops Online in Pakistan

Collared Tops

Collared tops can be worn for office wear as they can maintain your professional appearance while also rounding off your looks.  They can be paired with bootcut or flared jeans.  You can also put together your boho looks by rolling up the sleeves and adding a watch or bracelet to beautify your wrist.


Lining Tops for Women - Cougar

Embroidered Tops

Embroidered tops are the best choice if you want to enjoy a modern and ethnic look at once. The fashionable silhouette injected with a traditional embroidery touch can definitely elevate your look. You can pair it with jeans or culottes and add a choker style or pendant style necklace plus pairing flip flops or flat sandals can also help you complete your overall look.


Frock Style Tops for Women

Peplum Tops

The peplum tops for women are stylish and elegant pieces that can enhance your closet effortlessly. These women’s tops have flattering cutlines that flare out into a peplum hem, creating a polished and feminine look.

Peplum Tops for Women - Cougar


Cougar offers embroidered and checkered patterns in peplum tops to add a versatile touch and help its customers choose according to their personal style preferences. Team up your peplum top with skinny-fit jeans to complete your daytime outfit.

Crop Tops

Ladies' all-time favorite crop tops are our hot-selling products. These crop tops can add a timeless and chic touch. Our crop tops come in various styles and patterns. You can enjoy endless styling possibilities with these women’s tops. You can look comely and relish the casual hangouts or laid-back weekends.


Crop Tops for Women - Cougar

Ways to Accessorize Tops

There are multiple ways to accessorize your tops. Cougar got you covered with Women’s Jewelry. You can wear a chunky necklace or bold earrings with solid color tops to uplift your looks. You can also draw attention with a stone-studded necklace to create a focal point. Slider bracelets or hoop earrings can go well with peplum or frock-style tops to add a little flair to your look. If you are wearing a collared top then match a delicate necklace that peeks out below the collar to add a subtle touch.

Bracelets for Women - Cougar


We’ve got the Caps for Women to let your further accessorize your looks. If you want to tone down the top, then wear a p-cap and flared jeans to add a laid-back touch to your outfit and enjoy a relaxing day out. You can create a cohesive and stylish look by matching a p-cap.


P-Caps for Women

Let’s Shop

Cougar women’s tops are the epitome of elegance and panache. Slip into our cool tops to doll up your looks. You can accessorize your looks with the jewellery or caps to finish off your final looks.  Shop now and experience the latest fashion trends effortlessly.